Fieldtrip- Georgia Sea Turtle Center

I am more and more liking this homeschooling stuff. This week, our family was able to pick up and head to the beach to spend some time with the grandparents. We packed up the school stuff and did our work on the balcony overlooking a gorgeous beach scene.

We were also able to visit the Georgia Sea Turtle Center which was so interesting. The center itself was very education friendly. It was full of interactive displays that taught lots and lots of turtle facts. They had people posted throughout the center to answer questions and share about what they do to help sea turtles. The center itself was very kid friendly. Everything was in a big room so the kids could freely explore for themselves.

We headed over to the Sea Turtle center, not really knowing what to expect (sometimes it’s better that way).
This lift the flap fact finder is just one of the many interactive displays.

At this display, the monkey boy learned about the hazards that baby turtles face as they try to get from the nest to the ocean. He had to guide the “turtle” through many obstacles in this fun maze.

After we left the Information part of the center, we headed to the Sea Turtle Hospital. The Sea Turtle Center is all about rescuing and rehabilitating Sea Turtles. They had turtles who had been hit by boats, caught in fishing lines, eaten the wrong kinds of food and gotten too much gas in their bellies (which apparently makes them float without the ability to swim under water).
We didn’t have an agenda when we headed out this morning other than to go see what they had to offer at the Sea Turtle Center. While we were there, I could think of tons of ideas to bring school into the experience- questions to answer, scavenger hunts to find information, all kinds of turtle projects to make from the information we gathered.

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