A Few of My Favorite Sewing Tutorials

I just learned to sew last year. I immediately started looking for clear, easy to follow tutorials online so that I could practice and make fun stuff! My sis in law sent me to a great site with wonderful tutorials (I’ll share in a minute) for making clothes for the kids. It’s so much fun! My kids are at an age where they think I am superwoman and can do anything. They think I can make anything with fabric or yarn… it’s great… and I love to see them wearing the clothes I’ve made. It makes me feel very accomplished. Thanks to Pinterest, I have found gobs and gobs of great tutorials. Here are a few of my favorites… I’ve tried them all, as you’re about to see, and can vouch for how easy to follow they are.

First up… The Simple Skirt from Made

I have made several of these for my girls. I love doing this because I can custom make them to fit. Big Sis is a tiny little thing… her clothes are always falling off of her. If I get the right size in the waist, then it is too short… If I get the right size for the length… then it is too big in the waist. These skirts are great.

Moving right along…

This past winter, I made the girls several jumpers… again.. custom made for their size. Below are the outfits I made for Christmas. I also made matching pants for Big Brother:

The jumpers are so easy and quick… you can find the tutorial here. I have played around with the width of the bodice, the buttons on the back, etc. I made a patchwork one with mary engelbrite and denim fabrics that turned out really cute. I prefer to not use as many buttons down the back as the tutorial suggests, but hey… whatever floats your boat.

The pants are from another tutorial found on Made… you can find it here.

Onto my newest love… Peasant Dresses! I have made quite a few of these this spring. They are so fun and you can do so much with them. You can dress them up with ribbons or pockets… you can use them for church or for play. My girls love them:

Dress up your outfit with some fairy wings, heels and a necklace and you are good to go!

Oh and did I mention… these dresses are great for dancing!

This was her Easter dress… Big Sis and baby girl had matching ones as well.

There are several peasant dress tutorials out there, you can find the one I used here.

And of course… those cute little Easter dresses just had to have matching bloomers:

Don’t you just want to eat her up?!?!

The bloomers tutorial is another one from Made (can you tell I like her style)… you can find it here.

I have a board on Pinterest just filled with tutorials I want to try. Here are a few that I see coming in the near future:

Baby Pinafore

Anywhere Chair

Busy Book Using Old Clothes

I’d love to hear back from you… what sewing sites do you frequent?

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