Great Educational Websites

Every now and then, I write a post with a list of my favorite websites…

The other two posts are here and here.

With summer just around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to add a few more great sites to the list.

SanDiego Zoo Kids Page (all ages)

Cookie… I REALLY like this one…it has very simple games covering a number of subjects including math, science, site words, reading comprehension and more.(preschool and elementary)

Magnetic Poetry… so fun! (elementary)

Seussville… TONS of Dr. Seuss Activities (preschool and elementary)

Crayola Coloring Online (preschool and elementary)

Drawminos.. my 7 year old likes this one

LiteBrite (preschool and elementary)

Cool Math Games for Kids (elementary)

Georgia Aquarium- Beluga Cam  Ocean Voyager Cam

Math PlayGround (elementary)

Oh… and Just to recap from previous posts, here are some that we frequent:

Sheppard Software

PBS Kids

BBC Dance Mat Typing

That’s it for now… I’m sure another post like this will come along in a couple of months.

What are YOUR favorite educational sites?

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2 responses to “Great Educational Websites

  1. I need to do a post like this sometime soon too! Great sites you have listed. Got here via Hip Homeschool Hop

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