A Royal Craft

Big Sis and I took a craft idea from My Father’s World First grade a couple of weeks ago when reading about the life of King Solomon. We talked about how God blessed him with riches and then made a picture of King Solomon with all his jewels.


The craft took a couple of days to complete. On day one, we made the jewels. She did this by squirting globs of glue onto foil. We let them dry over night.


The next day, she took the dried glue blobs and colored them with different colored sharpie markers. She then peeled them off the foil and glued them onto the blank King Solomon paper I made for her.


She added a face and tada… King Solomon in all his glory.

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3 responses to “A Royal Craft

  1. Kari

    This is GREAT Katie.

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  3. Irishka

    I really like the idea of how you made the jewels without going out and actually buying the finished product. This is actually more exciting to make them on your own. Keep up with the creativity!

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