Freebie Friday- Geoboard Activity Printable Pack

I’m so excited. I’ve learned how to make printable packs! I only have a thirty day trial of Adobe Acrobat, but maybe I can work hard this month and save a few packs for the year!

A few years ago, Super Dad made these Geoboards for the kids. You can buy them at a school supply store or make them yourself. Either way, I do think they are a valuable tool to have on hand. Kids learn to manipulate shapes, cause and effect, shape recognition and much more. My kids love to make guitars out of them!


Little Sis worked with the Geoboard activities the other day. She tried to match the pattern on the paper with her rubberbands on the geoboard. She’s only four and it was a little tough at first, but she got the hang of it.

IMAG4066I laminated the geoboard cards and let Little Sis trace the patterns after she worked with the board for a while. I’ve included a blank template in the pack. Big Brother likes to make his own “blueprints” on the template and then create them on the geoboard.

From ages 4-8, the geoboard cards have been beneficial in our home. I hope you enjoy them. Click on the link BELOW the image to download the 10 page pack.


Click on the Link to download Printable Pack ————–>Geoboard Printable Pack

Happy Friday!!!

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8 responses to “Freebie Friday- Geoboard Activity Printable Pack

  1. thetravelingclassroom

    Hi, I hopped over from the Homeschool Creations linky -Your geoboard activities look like they were a lot of fun:) My kids love playing with geoboards too!

  2. Jackie

    Just today I thought to myself – I need to figure out how to make a pattern for the geoboard so the kids can use it for practicing letters and number and boom, I look at Homeschool Creations and find that someone already made one! Thanks 🙂

  3. What fun! My daughter would love this. I found your blog on the Pre-k & K community.

  4. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing this week with us.

  5. These are such handy printables. I found you via Pinterest and will be linking to these in my own geoboard post. My children had a great time learning and playing with their geoboard and these printables helped me teach them more!

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