{FREE} Winter Olympic Themed Printable Pack -Preschool

Here is my final installment of Winter Olympic Themed Packs.

This one is for the age 3-5 crowd. I am not a big proponent of doing formal “school” with preschoolers. I think they learn so much just through every day life experiences. BUT Little Sis loves to “do school” with her brother and sister so I keep several items on hand for her including packs like this!

Included in this printable pack:

Upper Case and Lower Case Letter Match

Practice Writing

Spot the Difference


Color by Color

**Remember to CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW the image to download the printable pack!

Preschool OlympicClick to download printable pack —->> Winter Olympic Themed Printable Pack- Preschool

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Olympic Themed Writing Prompts

Olympic Themed Printable Pack for Elementary

I’d love to hear from you! Was this useful? Comment below and let me know!

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6 responses to “{FREE} Winter Olympic Themed Printable Pack -Preschool

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  4. Jill

    Thank you so much for the free printable packet. As a homeschool mom freebies help make my job so much easier. Thanks! Thanks! and more Thanks!!!

  5. marilyn rogers

    thanks so much for sharing………….

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