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ABCs and Scripture

As I mentioned in our 2011- 2012 Curriculum Post, I am using Susan Hunt’s Book, My ABC Bible Verses with Little Sis. This book combines ABCs with Scripture and character development. Each letter has a verse and a little story about a brother and sister pair who are learning to apply scripture in every day life.

Little Sis already knows her letters, but this is good practice in letter recognition and a clever way to help her remember her verses. We are doing one verse a week. Our routine goes something like this:

 On Monday, we read the verse and story for the week. We practice saying the verse together. We read the story and talk about how the children applied the verse in their lives. We talk about what the verse means for us and how we can obey God in our own lives. I made separate verse sheets when I did this book with Big Brother. It helps to see it in a different context than just the book. And… we can put the sheet on the fridge so it is visible all week.

 On Tuesday, we read the verse again and practice saying it. Next, we open up her journal. I write a capital and lower case letter and we brainstorm together words that go with the letter. We work on letter sounds. I write the word and draw pictures to go with it. Little Sis then colors in the pictures.

On Wednesday, we review the verse again and she practices saying it on her own. For letter recognition, I got a great idea from one of the moms on the Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook Page. She suggested letting the kids hunt for letters in those pesky circulars that come in the mail. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I can’t. I previewed the circulars to make sure that there was nothing inappropriate and then let Little Sis hunt for letters with her special high- lighter.

On Thursday and Friday, we might read the story from the ABC Bible verse book again and practice the memory verse for the week. We talk about how we’ve used the verse during the week. We read alphabet books and continue to talk about the letter of the week. Every once in a while, I’ll throw in another alphabet activity.

Little Sis has been really taking these verses to heart. The “B” verse is “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.” Matthew 5:9. Her prayer at night lately has been for God to help her be a peacemaker. She is being really purposeful in applying the Scripture in her life. I am praying that she’ll develop a life long love of Scripture.

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