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American History with American Girl- Josefina

josefina 1

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Big Sis and I are continuing our study of American History with American Girls. She is really enjoying reading through the books. She doesn’t realize what a great reader she is becoming. I love hearing her read with enthusiasm.

I think that Josefina has been her favorite girl so far. I often see her walking around the house with her reboza (the scarf that Josefina can be seen wearing on the cover of the first book). She has taught Little Sis all about the book and I hear them acting it out.

Big Sis was excited to read that Josefina’s family believes in God. She was so excited to read about how they went to church and celebrated Christmas.

One thing that I was not expecting with these books is the deep subject matter that they touch on. With Kaya, we learned about kidnapping. With Felicity, we learned about war. With Josefina, we learned about the death of a loved one. Josefina’s mother dies about a year before the first book in the series. We see as the sisters and father grieve. I don’t know about Big Sis, but I was moved to tears on a couple of occasions.

You can find the book series on Amazon or check it out at your local library.

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We used the American Girl Josefina Lapbook Template from Homeschool Share.

I tried to check out this book from our library, but it was not available at the time:

I have found these books to be an excellent supplement to the stories themselves. It has been so interesting to dive into what life was like in the different time periods. This is certainly not how I learned American History.

We learned some basic Spanish with THIS LAPBOOK from Teachers Pay Teachers. It is $3.50 and covers such things as basic phrases, colors, numbers, animals, clothing, emotions and more.

We continued to use these stickers to mark on our map where Josefina lives as well as decorate our big notebook:

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American History with American Girl- Felicity

felicity 6

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You may remember that we started our American History with American Girls with the Kaya books and learning about the Nez Perce in the western United States in 1764.

We moved to the other side of the United States to colonial Virginia in 1774 to learn about Felicity.

One thing I appreciated about the books is the authentic look at life in 1774. The books mention the turmoil over the king of England’s taxation of the colonists. We learned about the Boston Tea Party. We learned about period dress and behavior.

I did not appreciate Felicity’s attitude toward obedience. She does not respect or obey her parents’ rules when she is told not to go to a certain part of town to be with a horse. She is painted as a heroine in the first book for rescuing an abused horse. She was able to rescue the horse by disobeying her parents time and time again. Big Sis and I had to have some talks about honoring mom and dad and making tough choices. We talked about how Felicity could have handled things differently.

We checked out this book from the library that was FULL of information about colonial America and what life must have been like for Felicity. Big Sis especially liked reading about the toys and games that children played back then.

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We used pieces of the Felicity Lapbook from Homeschool Share.

I picked up THIS LAPBOOK of COLONIAL AMERICA ($3.50 on Teachers Pay Teachers)

We are using this sticker pad throughout our study:

We also picked up this book from a local homeschool family a couple of months ago and have been baking some colonial American recipes!

Next up in our study will be Josefina!

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American History with American Girl- Kaya

kaya 1

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Big Sis started doing American History using the American Girl books. We will do a more in depth look at American History next year with Easy Peasy, but this is a nice introduction and it’s keeping her attention.

We have started with Kaya, a Nez Perce girl who lived in 1764. I printed out some of the pieces of the Kaya lapbook from Homeschool Share for Big Sis to complete as we work through the books.

Here is what I like about the Kaya books:

– connection with a little girl who grew up in 1764

– an engaging and exciting story line

– a section in the back of each book that explains what life was like for the Nez Perce in 1764

– a glimpse into life today for the Nez Perce

Here’s what I am not a fan of:

– these books are secular and therefore embracing of other beliefs

– the books accurately describe the religious beliefs of the Nez Perce, but not from a Christian worldview

We have spent quite a bit of time talking about the beliefs of the Nez Perce in light of the Bible and what God’s word has to say about false gods and worshipping idols.

We’ve only picked three of the books from the series to read: Meet Kaya, Kaya and Lone Dog and Kaya shows the Way. These are the books Big Sis picked to read. We just don’t have time to read all of the books if we want to get to the other girls! We might go back and do the others at another time.

After we read, we look at the Life in 1764 section and talk about what life must have been like. We talk about similarities and differences. Big sis then completes a lapbook piece. I am not having her do individual lapbooks for each American Girl, but doing select pieces that will go into a big notebook.

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I picked up this sticker pad to use throughout the study:

We will be using the stickers in different ways for each girl, I’m sure. I printed out a map of America so we can see where each girl lived. We will use the stickers to mark each on on the map:

kaya 5

In addition to reading the books and learning geography and history, I printed out THIS HORSE LAPBOOK for Big Sis to complete. Horses were very important to the Nez Perce people.

kaya 6

We also picked up this craft kit:

Big Sis enjoyed designing and assembling the bracelets. Three bracelets are included with plenty of buttons and accents. Big Sis is seven and did need a little help getting started and tying it off at the end. In the books, we see Kaya involved in weaving projects.

We’ve enjoyed learning about Kaya and the Nez Perce people. We will be moving over to the East Coast and learning about Felicity and Colonial America next!

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