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Angry Birds Birthday Party on a Budget

Big Brother turned eight a couple of weeks ago! Eight just seems too old. He was torn between an Angry Birds Party and a Lego Party. Personally, the idea of a lego party stressed me out. Legos are small and scatter easily. He wanted his friends to bring their legos so they all could play. The thought of the lego swapping that would happen was too much for my OCD self. So… I gently swayed him toward the angry birds party!


Thankfully, it did not rain on party day and we were able to run around outside! We had a live action angry birds game. My husband brought up some boxes from our stash (we move a lot, so we have a stash of boxes). I printed out a TNT sign, and we taped to a few of the boxes to make it more authentic. You can download the TNT pdf here…. TNT Angry Birds.


Some kids chose to be the angry birds and hurl themselves into the boxes. Others chose to launch the red ball toward the boxes. I found the template for the bird face (as well as a pig face) here. IMAG2815

I can’t take credit for the original design of the cake. I found the idea on Pinterest. This type of decorating is not hard. It requires a star tip cake decorating tip and a lot of patience. IMAG2831

For snacks, we had Angry Bird Graham Crackers, Angry Bird Cheese Its and Fruit Skewers (Red Strawberries, Yellow Pineapple and Blue Blueberries to go along with the color bird theme). For favors, the kids got to take home a pack of stickers and a couple of packs of Angry Birds Fruit Snacks. You can find all of these Angry Birds treats at Wal- Mart.

We really weren’t sure of what the weather would do until about a couple of hours before the party. Had we known it would be such a beautiful day, we might have planned more games. However, the kids were thrilled with the live action game, snacks and just having a yard to run around in.

Total cost for this party was less the $30!

Feel free to check out my Angry Bird Birthday Board on Pinterest for more awesome ideas from others who have gone before me.

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Homeschool- Angry Birds Style

Well… baby number 4 made her grand entrance into our family on January 13th. We took last week off from school. Can I take the rest of the year off? I don’t guess I can keep saying we’re on winter break for much longer.

I am taking a much more laid back approach to the next couple of weeks.

My kids love angry birds. They played it once on my brother’s ipad and thought it was the greatest game. Now, we have a Kindle Fire and they can play any time.

As I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest, I’ve been collecting pins of angry birds resources for school. Here are a few we’ll be using as we take a break from our normal curriculum and routine.

angry birds war and other activities

fractions and other activites... great for preschool and early elementary

DIY Angry Birds Game

I don’t know that we’ll actually do the last one… but it sure looks like fun!

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