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Fairy Tea Party on a Budget

tea party 5

**If you’d like a copy of the “Welcome to the ParTea Banner” Click here ——–>>Welcome to the ParTea Banner

Big Sis and Baby Girl have birthdays just a few days apart from each other. We had decided that we weren’t going to do big parties this year. We were going to be low key. I mean… our birthday parties aren’t huge anyway… but we were thinking to just have a friend or two over.

Somehow it turned into a joint fairy tea party for the girls. It took some creativity with the small space in our home, but I think we made it work and the girls had a blast!

tea party 2When the girls came in, they went to the table to decorate their tea cup (a styrofoam cup) with sharpie markers. They got to pick fun necklaces to wear as well.

tea party 3

We had a game of “Pin the Wings on the Fairy” set up in the girls’ room. The girls who wanted to play took turns being blindfolded and sticking the wings to the fairy. You can download a copy of the game pieces here:

Pin the Wings on the Fairy Game Pieces

We also had a photo booth set up. I draped a sheet over the door to the master bedroom and let the kids play dress up while I took their pictures.

tea party 6

We have so much dress up at our house. I threw sunglasses, hats, gloves, and scarves in a basket and also printed out some photo booth props from here  . I laminated them and stuck them on some skewers ( I  cut the points off of). The kids had so much fun and the pictures are priceless!

tea party 4We had fairy food for our meal. I cut small sandwiches using flower and butterfly cookie cutters that I grabbed from WalMart (made by Wilton). We had fairy wands (fruit skewers with grapes, blueberries and strawberries), cake pops and fairy cookie (see below). We ate on small plates with fairy forks (appetizer forks.. again, from WalMart).

tea party 7

tea party

All in all, the party (including the food) was less than $30. My little fairies had a blast!

How do you handle birthday parties at your home? Do you do them every year? Do you do just family?

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Angry Birds Birthday Party on a Budget

Big Brother turned eight a couple of weeks ago! Eight just seems too old. He was torn between an Angry Birds Party and a Lego Party. Personally, the idea of a lego party stressed me out. Legos are small and scatter easily. He wanted his friends to bring their legos so they all could play. The thought of the lego swapping that would happen was too much for my OCD self. So… I gently swayed him toward the angry birds party!


Thankfully, it did not rain on party day and we were able to run around outside! We had a live action angry birds game. My husband brought up some boxes from our stash (we move a lot, so we have a stash of boxes). I printed out a TNT sign, and we taped to a few of the boxes to make it more authentic. You can download the TNT pdf here…. TNT Angry Birds.


Some kids chose to be the angry birds and hurl themselves into the boxes. Others chose to launch the red ball toward the boxes. I found the template for the bird face (as well as a pig face) here. IMAG2815

I can’t take credit for the original design of the cake. I found the idea on Pinterest. This type of decorating is not hard. It requires a star tip cake decorating tip and a lot of patience. IMAG2831

For snacks, we had Angry Bird Graham Crackers, Angry Bird Cheese Its and Fruit Skewers (Red Strawberries, Yellow Pineapple and Blue Blueberries to go along with the color bird theme). For favors, the kids got to take home a pack of stickers and a couple of packs of Angry Birds Fruit Snacks. You can find all of these Angry Birds treats at Wal- Mart.

We really weren’t sure of what the weather would do until about a couple of hours before the party. Had we known it would be such a beautiful day, we might have planned more games. However, the kids were thrilled with the live action game, snacks and just having a yard to run around in.

Total cost for this party was less the $30!

Feel free to check out my Angry Bird Birthday Board on Pinterest for more awesome ideas from others who have gone before me.

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Little House on the Prairie Birthday Party

If you’ve kept up with me over the last year, you’ll know that we have fallen in love with Little House on the Prairie. I introduced the books to Big Brother and Big Sis last spring and they were an instant hit. We have traveled from the Big Woods of Wisconsin to the prairie in Kansas, to Plum Creek and to Silver Lake in the Dakota territory. We have huddled close while the wolves howled outside the cabin. We have laughed at Pa’s stories and been heart broken when the grasshoppers, blackbirds and other pests have ruined the crops. We were sad when Mary went blind and on the edge of our seats during the Long Winter, wondering if the blizzards would ever stop coming. We have two books left to go in the series. I don’t know who is enjoying it more… me or the kids!

Big sis was thrilled when I suggested a Prairie Party for her sixth birthday. We began to plan together the various activities we could have at the party. We looked to Pinterest for inspiration as well. Big Sis’s birthday is in January which pretty much counts an outside birthday party out of the mix and our house just isn’t big enough to accommodate lots of children running around. Thankfully, a hotel nearby gave us a great deal to use one of their conference rooms. They even set up the tables and chairs for us! We normally don’t go to such lengths for a birthday party… but every now and then, I think it’s ok. The memories made are totally worth it.

IMG_3780The kids and I recently discovered some Play Mobil toys from my childhood in my parents basement. I thought this wagon was a great decoration for the party!

IMAG2198I have been making sun bonnets to sell in my etsy shop and happened to have a surplus hanging around in my stash. We grabbed some bandanas for the boys. Each child got to pick their head/ neck wear when they arrived. We had quilts (not pictured) set up for the kids to play/ eat on.


I picked up these little pails at the dollar section at Target. Laura Ingalls refers to her lunch pail throughout the books. The kids each got to pick a pail for snack time. The snacks included apples, pretzels, a maple sugar stick and a roll with homemade butter (see below):


I told the kids that they were going to have a snack, but that they were going to have to work for it! We talked about how in the prairie days, people couldn’t just head to Wal Mart or Ingles to pick up food at any time. I told them about how they churned butter (I’m such a homeschool mom). I really wanted an authentic butter churn to use for the day, but no one had one to borrow and I just couldn’t justify spending the money to buy one. Instead, each child got a baby food jar, filled 3/4 way with heavy whipping cream and a little bit of salt. They had to shake, shake, shake until the cream turned into butter (about 15 minutes). If you want whipped butter, you stop when it starts to change from liquid to solid… but if you want the real stuff, just hang in there a little longer! The kids got to put their own butter on a roll to enjoy. They packed their jars into their pails to take home with them when the party ended.


In addition to the pails and butter, the kids got to pick a piece of stick candy. My own kids and I went to the Mast General Store in town to pick out “old fashioned” candy for the party. It was quite a treat.


For entertainment, we had some horse races!

IMG_3794We let the big boys ride their horses backwards to make the playing field a little more even for the little girls.

IMG_3815We also had a lincoln log corner where the kids could build cabins and such. We had a contest to see who could build the tallest tower.

IMAG2201I also set up a craft corner where the kids could assemble and color a prairie boy or girl.


I wasn’t sure what to do for the cake. I had seen covered wagon shaped cakes, cabin cakes, etc. I decided to just draw the cover picture from the Little House on the Prairie book.

So much could be done with a prairie party! We adapted to be inside. I think it was a huge success. Big Sis was so excited and that’s really all that matters to me.

Had we been able to do the party outside, we may have had some other activities like washing clothes in a washtub, musical tree stumps, covered wagon rides, etc.

I gathered lots of inspiration through several other blogs. Please visit my Pinterest Little House Party Board to see where I drew ideas.

Thanks for stopping by. What kind of fun parties have you had or been to?


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