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Favorite Kindle Apps for Kids

My family got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I am a big fan. The kids (especially little sis, 2 years old) really enjoy using it. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite (FREE) apps for kindle.

Angry Birds- Free

Where’s My Water- Free


Kid’s Doodle


Veggie Tales Spotisode


Animal Book


First Tanagrams


Many of the free apps are free because you have to deal with ads popping up. I’ve found that if I just turn off the wifi on my kindle when I give it to the kids, then I don’t have to worry about them clicking through any of the ads.

What are your favorite FREE apps?


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Great Educational Websites

Every now and then, I write a post with a list of my favorite websites…

The other two posts are here and here.

With summer just around the corner, I thought now would be a good time to add a few more great sites to the list.

SanDiego Zoo Kids Page (all ages)

Cookie… I REALLY like this one…it has very simple games covering a number of subjects including math, science, site words, reading comprehension and more.(preschool and elementary)

Magnetic Poetry… so fun! (elementary)

Seussville… TONS of Dr. Seuss Activities (preschool and elementary)

Crayola Coloring Online (preschool and elementary)

Drawminos.. my 7 year old likes this one

LiteBrite (preschool and elementary)

Cool Math Games for Kids (elementary)

Georgia Aquarium- Beluga Cam  Ocean Voyager Cam

Math PlayGround (elementary)

Oh… and Just to recap from previous posts, here are some that we frequent:

Sheppard Software

PBS Kids

BBC Dance Mat Typing

That’s it for now… I’m sure another post like this will come along in a couple of months.

What are YOUR favorite educational sites?

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Money Saving Monday- Homeschool Style

Homeschooling on a tight budget is tough, but do- able. We were blessed this year to be given our materials by grandma and some other generous folks. We got our school supplies at a discounted price through one of those daily deal sights (Plum District… I think) as well as from my sis in law who “donated” printer paper to our school.

However… even without these generous gifts, homeschooling is still possible. I have noticed that different people take different approaches. I have enjoyed using the My Father’s World curriculum for the last two years. With a baby/ toddler in the house and now a new baby on the way… this mama’s brain is fried!… Having the curriculum laid out for me with all the lessons already written has been very helpful.

Some people, however, prefer to write their own unit studies and lesson plans. This is how I did it when I was teaching. When I began teaching ten years ago in the public school system, I taught four year old kindergarten… which was still fairly new. The state I worked in did not have state standards for 4K. The school I worked for was just beginning their preschool program. I had free reign… which was fun, but a bit daunting at the same time! I was allowed the freedom to come up with my own curriculum, lesson plans, unit studies, etc. It was fun. Planning for homeschool really isn’t that different. Instead of planning for a classroom of kids who are all the same ages… I just have to plan for my kids who are different ages.

Thankfully, there are great websites out there to aid in this process. This is where the money saving part of this post comes in. Here is a short list of a few great websites with unit studies, free printables and other great resources for teaching and homeschooling.

ABC Teach

Enchanted Learning

Super Teacher Worksheets

A to Z Teacher Stuff

Alphabet Printables

These are just a few of the great resources out there. I encourage you to google “preschool unit studies” or “elementary school unit studies,” etc. Take the suggestions from these sites and adapt them to your style. Also… utilize your local library!

You can also check out this list I compiled with the help of friends of great educational game sites.

I’d love to hear back.. what are your favorite sites to use when homeschooling?

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Sign Up for GoGo Kabongo FREE TODAY

I came across this site while hopping around today. It is an educational site that enhances reading comprehension, attention and focusing, sequencing, etc. … an online adventure for ages 4- 7!

Click below to go to the Kabongo Site. Enter the code LEARN to help access premium games. Now.. you can go and sign up for free anyway… BUT… if you enter the code LEARN, you can get one more level of games for FREE (a $4.95 value)… you’ll be asked to put your card info in… but as long as you type LEARN in the promo code area, you won’t be charged anything.

I recommend this… my kids are excited already!

Happy Gaming!
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These are A Few of My Favorite Sites

I wrote a post a couple of months ago with a collection of educational web sites that are kid friendly. Today, I’ll add to that list AND throw a few in that are great for teachers/ home educators.

For the kids:

BBC Schools- Dance Mat Typing– Free online typing practice for kids. My son is excited about learning to type
Math U See– Click on E- Sources and look for online help

For the teachers/ parents:

ABC Teach
Enchanted Learning– great printables
Hip Homeschool Moms– Encouragement, Support and Ideas for Homeschool
Pinterest– Watch out, it’s addictive!
Super Teacher Worksheets

 There are so many great resources out there. My pregnant mind is drawing blank right now… I may come back to add to this list later… but for now.. I’m headed over to the Hip Homeschool Blog Hop to get some great ideas!

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Beat the Rainy Day Blues

We’ve been hanging at the beach this week. For the most part, the weather has been Ah- MAZING! The kids have been soaking up every ounce they can of beach and pool time.

Yesterday, however, the rain moved in and left us confined to the house. I sent out a plea on facebook asking for kid friendly, educational game sites. This is the list that came back to me. I checked out each site and liked what I saw. Most of these links came from friends of mine that are teachers… so… you know… teacher approved!

Game Goo– Early elementary on up (recommended by an elementary school teacher)

Sheppard Software– preschool – early elementary (recommended by a preschool special ed teacher)

Starfall – Great for Reading practice (recommended by a mom of young children and a preschool special ed teacher)

Spelling City – Good for older kids… spelling/ vocabulary practice  (recommended by an elementary school teacher)

Free Rice – Another good one for older kids (recommended by an elementary school teacher)

Reading Eggs– Sign up for a one month trial and have fun with learning to read games (recommended by an early childhood teacher)

Discover Education– scroll down for free parent and teacher resources (recommended by a Masters Level Science student)

Here are a few more favorites of my kids:

PBS Kids

Disney Junior… I Spy Game

I am not a big proponent of kids being on the computer all day. However, I am not naive either. My kids need to have computer skills. They need to have technology exposure. As I load the games for the kids, I talk to them about how Mommy and Daddy need to monitor what they play. I caution them about clicking on anything other than the game. I explain that things exist on the internet that are just not safe for their eyes and they need to trust the judgment of their parents. The computer stays in an open area… living room or kitchen table. I check in frequently and ask them to let me know if they accidentally click on something other than the game. I say not to try to get back to the game on their own.

We don’t play on the computer every day. When we do, I usually let them play for 45 min- 1 hour. This seems to work for now. I mean… my kids are 4 and 6. I am sure that as they get older, we’ll have to adapt our approach.


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