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Dino Bingo

I’ve been blessed with some random gifts lately. Things that I would not have bought because of our budget, but was so happy to receive and put to work. My sis in law recently picked up a couple of Cricut Create at Kroger for $35… that is an insane price for these things. A Cricut is a personal cutting machine… great for scrapbooking… great for former teachers who had an unnatural attachment to the school’s die-cut machine. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it’s probably for the best.
Anyway… I have been playing with my cricut this week. The monkey boy has been helping. Every week in our homeschool curriculum allows for an exploration day. We are supposed to go outside and enjoy nature. Well… we are outside everyday… so this week, our exploration day was more of a game day.
It started with an alphabet bingo that I had picked up at the dollar section at Target this past fall. Then, the boy and I decided to pull out the Cricut and a new dinosaur cartridge and make our own bingo game… Dino Bingo!!!

 Together, we decided which dinos to cut out and what colors to use. We cut out all the pieces and glued them to the game board.
 We played for a long time. He had to help me pronounce some of the dino names.
This project incorporated art, science, following directions, and technology skills. Successful homeschool lesson… yes!

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Dinosaurs in the Garden

The monkey boy drew this today. It is Adam and Eve hanging out in the garden with dinosaurs… before Adam sinned. 

I wish that I had a more scientific mind. I want so much to “get” science… but I don’t. I barely squeaked by biology and chemistry. I was never interested and knew that my mind was designed for literature and art issues.

However, about a year and a half ago, my son became interested… no obsessed with dinosaurs. I know that a lot of little boys love dinos… so nothing weird there! I actually welcomed the obsession because with two little sisters, there’s a lot of pink around here and the boy needs some boyish interests. (Disclaimer… I know girls can like dinosaurs too). Am I rambling?… I feel like I am rambling.

Anyway… this new found obsession began with the PBS show Dinosaur Train. My son was instantly drawn to the show. He soaked up everything that it had to offer. My husband and I try to be discerning with what we let the kids watch. I was uncomfortable with the obvious evolution teachings and the things that the show were claiming as facts rather than just theories (such as dinosaurs evolving into birds). With not much mention of dinosaurs in the Bible and so much controversy in the scientific world surrounding dinos and the timeline of their existence, I started looking for ways to temper what the kids wanted to learn about dinosaurs with Biblical perspective.

I was so excited to find Answers in Genesis. As much as I fall short in the area of science, they excel… and they do it for the glory of God. I never thought about the fact that God created all the animals and man on the same day. As Christians, we believe that sin and death entered the scene when Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit. The Bible says, “the wages of sin is death.” So, we can know that death was not a factor until sin was. Dinosaurs could not have lived millions of years ago and then died long before people… death didn’t happen until sin in the garden.

I don’t expect those who don’t accept the authority of God’s word to accept this teaching, but for me… as one who accepts and submits to the authority of the Bible, I had to rethink a lot of what I was taught concerning “millions of years” and dinosaurs. I accepted everything I received in school as true (until I got to college)… and now I am realizing that I need to pray for my children to be able to discern truth from theory and fiction. One reason we chose to homeschool is to give a firm Biblical foundation. Another reason is to act as a filter for what our children are taking in. Another reason is to prepare them for battle. They are growing up in an increasingly hostile world and I don’t want them going into it unarmed.

I hope all this makes sense. I have learned more about dinosaurs in the past year than I ever wanted to know. I am so proud of my son though… he reads the books he checks out from the library with discernment. He will come across something that says “millions of years” and say…”that’s not true… dinosaurs were created on the sixth day. Or he’ll read about evolution and say, “Mom… God created those animals just the way he wanted them to be.” He is so passionate about the Bible and wanting things to be in line with the truth. I am excited to see where God takes him in life.

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Warning: Possible Controversial Topic to Follow

While at the Home School Expo a couple of weeks ago, I spent some
time at the Answers in Genesis booth and attended one of their
workshops. With my 5 year old son being so fascinated by dinosaurs,
I have been trying to get my hands on whatever I can to teach him
from a Biblical worldview. He really likes to go to the library and pick
out dino books. However, most of the dino books we have checked
out focus heavily on evolution. The books state many things as fact
that have either not been proven or have in fact been disproven.

The books really didn’t bother me so much until the boy started
reading. He was soaking in all that the books had to offer. He was
telling me things that he read that really didn’t sit well with me.
Like that humans and monkeys evolved from a common ancestor. I
started researching what the Bible has to say about all this. Answers
in Genesis has been a HUGE help. I picked up a couple of books and
videos that I am more comfortable with the little man reading. Of
course, I still let him check out library books… But now I am better
equipped to handle the issue of dinos in light of the Bible.

If you are confused about why this is even an issue, here are a few
thinks for you to ponder (yes, I wrote thinks, not things):

– God created land animals and Adam and Eve on day 6 (the word “
day” in Genesis means “an ordinary day”. It is used throughout the
Bible and should be taken literally)… Therefore, God created dinos
and man on day 6.

– Death and suffering did not enter the world until after Adam and
Eve ate the fruit they were told not to eat (see Genesis 3). If dinos
lived millions of years before man and died out before man came on
the scene then there would have been death and suffering before
said eating of the fruit.

Ok…you may be thinking…”But I don’t believe the Bible to be more
than mere stories.” Here’s something more for you to chew on:

– The word dinosaur wasn’t used until the late 1800s. Before then,
these creatures…these large lizards were referred to as “dragons”.
Many historical records of many countries include dragons (look it
up). There are cave drawings in America with creatures that look
like… Guess what…dinos! People drew these before fossils, internet,
text books, etc. Perhaps dinos and people actually lived together!

– Recently, a T-Rex fossil was found to have red blood cells in it… It
is impossible that this could be millions of years old.

If you trace Biblical history back to the time of creation, it can be
assumed that the world is not millions of years old, but rather only
a few thousand years. Mind blowing… Isn’t it?

I also picked up the movie Expelled, starring Ben Stein (I highly
recommend it). He confronts leading scientists and universities on
the issue of “intelligent design”. This is the idea that life of earth
was designed… It did not just happen or appear or come from a big
bang. I was so surprised with how utterly against the idea of
intelligent design (not even mentioning God or the Bible) these
people were. The theories that some of the scientists were spouting
out were unbelievable… I’ll let you watch the movie for yourself.
However, I will share that at the end, Ben Stein interviews Richard
Dawkins (well known evolutionist). When pushed on the issue of
how life began, Dawkins danced around the issue and even at one
point suggested that maybe it was “seeded” here by beings from
another planet. (Um… Wouldn’t that fall under the catagory of
intelligent design?)

The way I see it, you can believe that life just happened… You live,
you die…that’s it. Your very existence is nothing more than a
random collision of molecules.


You can believe that life is sacred and was created by a very
intelligent, very loving and very creative God. In this version, your
life was not an accident. You are the handiwork and most special
creation of God and your life has purpose.


Thanks for sticking with me. All this started because my 5 year old is
one smart cookie. He’s going to keep me on my toes. For the record,
he wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up!

Check out Answers in Genesis if you want to know more about
Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel (they are way more knowlegeable
about this than me!)

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