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Free Family Fun (4)

I had a lady at the park ask me once what I do all day at home with the kids. She was a working mom who was considering staying home with her two children, but was afraid she wouldn’t know what to do with them. I think it took me about two, maybe even three years to really get the hang of staying at home with the little monkeys. It can be really overwhelming to think about “entertaining” little people all day long in addition to taking care of the home and balancing various interests and activities.

I told this mom that one thing I definitely do is familiarize myself with the city…find the family friendly parks, get a schedule of story time at the library or bookstore, and check out what other free activities are offered. We are blessed to live about 20 minutes away from a great botanical garden. They offer free admission the first Monday of every month. It is big, outdoors and free. The kids love it because we always see lots of pretty flowers and butterflies around. I love it because it’s free AND… big, open space for the kids to run around and go crazy in. Even though it is crowded with other people taking advantage of the free-ness, it is not overwhelmingly crowded and I do not feel like I have to corral the kids or tell them to be quiet. They are free to explore, observe and imagine.

So many options exist for families to take advantage of … all you have to do is a little digging to find out what they are.

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Exploration Day- Flowers

You may remember that the curriculum we are using suggests taking
one day a week as an “exploration” day. A couple of weeks ago, I
confessed that I can’t stand bugs, but for the good of the kids I
sucked it up and went out bug hunting. As you can tell, I survived!

This week’s exploration was much more manageable for me…
Flowers! As far as I know, flowers don’t hide in your walls, beds,
shoes… Just waiting to crawl on you!

The little monkeys have both been given Fisher Price Kid Tough
Cameras in the last couple of years. (Side note: I highly recommend
these cameras… Real digital cameras that stand up to rough and
tough kid stuff). So… They gathered up the cameras and we walked
around the neighborhood taking pics of the flowers we saw- free,
educational fun!

Other flower activities:
– torn paper collage: use scraps of construction paper to create flower

-dried flowers: put a flower between two sheets of paper then put it
under a heavy book (or two) for a week or so.

Homeschooling is a new venture for me… Homeschooling on a tight
budget is a challenge. I want to give my kids amazing experiences. I
realized yesterday that the kids have a much different idea of
amazing than me… A two mile walk, hunting flowers was an
adventure for them.

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