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Daily Lego Building Challenges May 2014 with FREE Printable

We got back on track with Lego challenges this past month. I was really impressed with some of the things they came up with! And… I promise Big Brother does NOT wear the same clothes every day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This will be the final Monthly Lego Challenge that I will be putting out (at least for now). I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Feel free to check out the past Challenges.

Remember to click on the link BELOW for the printable version.

Lego MayClick for Printable Version —->>Lego Building Challenges May

Happy Building!

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Preschool Art Class Part 7- Pop Art with FREE PRINTABLE

art class 7Our final week of Preschool Art Class was all about Pop Art.

We looked at several works of Pop Art such as:

pop 3

pop 4

We talked about how Pop Art uses lots of vibrant colors and shapes and can be very repetitive. Be careful if you google “Pop Art Images” … not everything is friendly for little eyes!

After we looked at art and talked about artists like Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, the kids got to try their own Pop Art.

pop 1

For the first project, each child received his or her name to decorate. I gave them stickers and crayons. We looked at examples of Word Art… especially by Jasper Johns and then they were able to create!

pop 2Next, each child received this butterfly print out and were able to decorate with stickers and fill in the shapes, etc. We reviewed shapes as we went. You can print your own Butterfly Pop Art Below (click on the link BELOW the image for the printable version)!

Pop Butterfly Click for Printable Version—- >>> Pop Art Butterfly

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FREE Lego Resources Round Up

lego round up

Legos are and have been the hot commodity in our house this year. It is the toy that my children play with daily… even the two year old.

I am always on the look out for FREE Lego resources to use in our homeschool. I have an ever growing Homeschool Lego Board on Pinterest.

Here is my big list of FREE LEGO resources.

Let’s start with what you can find on THIS BLOG:

Monthly Lego Building Challenges

Lego Themed Color By Number (numbers, adding, multiplication)

Make Your Own Lego Idea Book

Lego Duplo Patterns Template

Matching File Folder Game

Here are a few of my other favorites:

Writing- Exploring Emotions with Lego Faces

Writing- Lego Minifigure Writing Prompts (There are several different themes available on this blog)

100 Legos Writing Prompt

Create Your Own Minifig

Lego Lapbook

Learning with Lego (Jr. Version)

Pre K- Lego Movie Printable Pack

Math- Lego Pi Skyline

Geometry with Legos

Teaching Art with Legos

Lego.Com Website with Games

Lego Digital Designer- Free Software Download- Virtual Lego Design

Favorite Apps (these are Android, but I know there are tons in the App Store as well):

Lego Star Wars- The Yoda Chronicles

Lego Technic Race

Lego Duplo Zoo

Lego City- Rapid Rescue

Just for Fun Videos on YouTube:

Me Without You by Toby Mac- Lego Stop Motion

Lego Movie Outtakes


There are SO MANY great resources out there. This list is really just the tip of the iceberg! Do you have free Lego resources on your blog? What are your favorite resources/ activities? Comment below and share the wealth!


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Mid Week Freebie- Star Wars Multiplication

Big Brother has been struggling to remember his multiplication facts so I let him make this “cheat sheet” of multiples. It is Star Wars themed … therefore a win.

I had him put together the sheet himself. He cut flaps on the main sheet and then glued just the side where the characters are to a plain white sheet. He then proceeded to fill in the various multiples.

star wars


Feel free to Print out a copy of Star Wars Multiples for yourself! Click on the link BELOW the image for the printable version.

star wars math Click for Printable Version —->> Star Wars Math

I’m curious. What are your tricks of the trade for teaching multiplication? What games, songs, methods do you use? Comment below and let me know!

Clip Art: Characters were Desinged by Dorky Prints. The light sabers were designed by Big Brother himself.

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Preschool Art Class Part 6

art class 6

For week 6 of our preschool art class, we focused on Pointalism. We talked about great artists who use this method and looked at examples of their work.

I did not have a chance to get to the library before this class. So, I googled pointalism on my tablet and took some screen shots of work. I showed my little ones a slide show. We zoomed in closely to see the dots that are characteristic of pointalism.

A-Sunday-Afternoon-on-MEDIUMOne of the most famous works of pointalism is “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” by Georges Seurat

After viewing works by famous artists, I let the kids try their hand at pointalism.


We used Q Tips and THESE TEMPLATES from Therapy Fun Zone.

Most kids hung in there for a while and did individual dots in each circle, but by the end, they were mostly using their Q Tips as paint brushes and making big strokes across the paper. They had a great time!

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Freebie Friday- Lego Themed Matching File Folder Game

Happy Friday!

Sorry for the week long absence. I’m still here!

I’ve recently opened a shop on Teachers Pay Teachers. I mostly sell Clip Art, but every now and then I put printables in there as well.

I created a pack of TEN lego themed filed folder games to sell in the shop. You can find it here.

Today’s FREEBIE is one of the games offered in the pack. It is a matching game geared for preschool. The game includes a cover sheet, two papers for gluing into the file folder and the appropriate pieces for the game. I highly recommend laminating or covering with contact paper to extend the life of the game.

Remember to click on the link BELOW the image to get the printable version.

matching game Click the Link for the Printable Version —>>> Lego Themed Matching File Folder Game

You can get the full set of Lego Themed File Folder games HERE for $5.00 (that’s just 50 cents a game!).

Enjoy your weekend!

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Preschool Art Class Part 5

art class 5

This week was by far my favorite in our Preschool Art Class with our local homeschool association. We learned about Jackson Pollock. It was a great day to be outside.

Before we started painting, we watched THIS CUTE VIDEO all about Jackson Pollock. It’s only about 7 minutes long and very kid friendly.

pollock 1

We headed outside with our various painting tools. We had textured brushes, sponges, paint brushes and medicine droppers.

pollock 2

The kids worked together to make a group painting and then each got to work on individual work.

As with most of their paintings, most of the papers ended up being covered completely with some form of the color brown. But as I’ve said before, with preschool art… it’s all about the process and not the end result.

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Freebie Friday- Middle Ages Multiplication Printable Pack

Big Brother is so bright. He always has been. He, however, does not like math! He can do quite a bit of problem solving, but the basic facts trip him up. We are primarily working on Multiplication this year (Math U See Gamma). He is a little hung up on our current lessons, so I thought I’d take a break and do some “fun” math.

He loves doing color by math facts, secret codes, etc.

Through Easy Peasy, we are currently working our way through the Middle Ages. I put together this Math Pack to supplement his math lessons.

The pack includes:

Color by Number (multiplying by 5s)

Color by Number (multiplying by 3s)

Secret Code (double digit multiplying)

2 pages of Math Puzzles

Click on the Link BELOW the image for the printable version!

Cover Photo Click for Printable Version —>>Middle Ages Multiplication Pack

Did you find this pack to be helpful? Comment below and let me know!!!

Clip Art Designed by me and can be found HERE.

Happy Friday!!!

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Preschool Art Class Part 4

art class 4

Continuing with our preschool art class series, this week we focused on Eric Carle.

Just to recap, these posts are sharing what I did in an art class for 3-5 year olds with our local homeschool association. This happened to be the week that I had to be out tending to a sick toddler so I don’t have any pictures of the class. However, I will share ideas and fun facts!

Eric Carle is best known for his popular children’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” He was born in New York on June 25, 1929.

He utilizes paints and collage to illustrate his work. His illustrations are absolutely beautiful. He paints different papers and then cuts and layers them to create his images.

This week in our art class, the children heard several books by Eric Carle including “Head to Toe” and “The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse.”

The children then got to use water colors to create their own masterpieces.

Barnes and Noble Online Story Time has a Video of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” being read by Eric Carle himself. You can find it here.

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Daily Lego Building Challenge- April 2014

My kids TOTALLY abandoned the lego challenges this month! I don’t blame them… we had a CRAZY month… lots of sickness, a two year old hospitalized with pneumonia, field trips, enrichment classes, Big Brother’s birthday. It was a busy time!!!

I thought I’d give them another chance with the challenges and put together a calendar for April.


Remember: Click on the link BELOW the image for the printable version.

Lego April Click for the printable version—>> Lego April

Happy Monday!!!

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