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Cinco De Mayo Freebie- Color By Number Printable

My kids love doing math when it is presented in a fun way. They especially love doing color by Numbers.

I have two coloring sheets for you today. The first is just color by color. The second is color by addition fact. Be sure to click on the link below the image for the printable version!

Pinata Color Click for Printable Version — >>Pintata Candy Color

Click for Printable Version —>> Pinanta Candy Color By Addition Facts

Clip Art was designed by me and can be found HERE. Use NINJA50 to save 50%

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Mid Week Freebie- Star Wars Multiplication

Big Brother has been struggling to remember his multiplication facts so I let him make this “cheat sheet” of multiples. It is Star Wars themed … therefore a win.

I had him put together the sheet himself. He cut flaps on the main sheet and then glued just the side where the characters are to a plain white sheet. He then proceeded to fill in the various multiples.

star wars


Feel free to Print out a copy of Star Wars Multiples for yourself! Click on the link BELOW the image for the printable version.

star wars math Click for Printable Version —->> Star Wars Math

I’m curious. What are your tricks of the trade for teaching multiplication? What games, songs, methods do you use? Comment below and let me know!

Clip Art: Characters were Desinged by Dorky Prints. The light sabers were designed by Big Brother himself.

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Freebie Friday- Middle Ages Multiplication Printable Pack

Big Brother is so bright. He always has been. He, however, does not like math! He can do quite a bit of problem solving, but the basic facts trip him up. We are primarily working on Multiplication this year (Math U See Gamma). He is a little hung up on our current lessons, so I thought I’d take a break and do some “fun” math.

He loves doing color by math facts, secret codes, etc.

Through Easy Peasy, we are currently working our way through the Middle Ages. I put together this Math Pack to supplement his math lessons.

The pack includes:

Color by Number (multiplying by 5s)

Color by Number (multiplying by 3s)

Secret Code (double digit multiplying)

2 pages of Math Puzzles

Click on the Link BELOW the image for the printable version!

Cover Photo Click for Printable Version —>>Middle Ages Multiplication Pack

Did you find this pack to be helpful? Comment below and let me know!!!

Clip Art Designed by me and can be found HERE.

Happy Friday!!!

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{FREE} Winter Olympic Themed Printable Pack for K-3rd

Woohoo! The Olympics are coming. I have mixed emotions about letting my extreme sports loving eight year old watch the games and get more ideas of crazy things he can do.

I’ve put together this pack for Big Brother and Big Sister to learn about the different sports and aspects of the games.

The pack includes:

Create an Olympic Scene (adding with dice)

Color by Number- Addition

Color by Number- Multiplication

Create your own Olympic Mascot

Word Match

ABC Order

Maze Fun

Remember to CLICK BELOW the image to download the PRINTBALE PACK

Olympics ElementaryClick to download Printable Pack ->>Winter Olympic Themed Printable Pack- Elementary

Be sure to check out my other Olympic Themed Printables:

Olympic Themed Writing Prompts

Olympic Themed Printable Pack for Preschool

Was this pack useful to you? Comment below and let me know!!

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Freebie Friday- Lego Themed Color By Number Printables

I have another fun Lego Printable.

You can download an Addition color by number or a Multiplication color by number. Each pack contains three different minifigure pages.

Be sure to click on the link BELOW the image to download the printable version!

color by number

Minifigure Addition Pack

Minifigure Multiplication Pack

Happy Friday everyone!


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Freebie Friday- Clock Minutes Printable

Do your children struggle with understanding the minutes on a clock? My son is having the hardest time remembering that the 1 on the clock is the same thing as 5 minutes. I mean… he can count by 5s and all that… he’s just having a hard time making the connection. This week in Math U See, he’s been working on the minute hand, so I threw together this printable to help reinforce what he’s working on.

I hope you find it helpful!

Clock Minutes

 Click to Download ————–>Clock Minutes

FYI: Here’s what the completed activity should look like:

I do love feed back so let me know if you like/ used this week’s free printable!!!

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Preschool Busy Bag Ideas with Free Printable

I periodically post the activities I have for Little Sis. I have to rotate them often to keep her attention. I have a stash of busy bags that she can pull out while the big kids are doing school.

Here are a couple of activities I added this week:


In this activity, she uses clothes pins and playing cards. She places a clothes pin on each diamond on the card and then counts. This helps with number recognition and 1 to 1 correspondence.


I have seen this activity on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find any templates for the block patterns. If you scroll down, I made a template of my own that you are welcome to use.


She uses duplo blocks to match the patterns.

Duplo Pattern Template Click here to Download——-> Duplo Pattern Template

The template is in black and white so you can customize to the blocks you have. Enjoy!

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Freebie Friday- Household Scavenger Hunt Printable

This week, Big Sis has been working on number recognition and counting. I made up a little scavenger hunt for her to work on while Big Brother was finishing his table work. She had to go around the house and count certain objects… like ceiling fans, windows, toilets, etc… and record her findings on the sheet. Skills covered: counting, one to one correspondence and writing numbers.


Click here to download —–> Household Scavenger Hunt

I hope you found this helpful. I do enjoy feedback!

Happy Friday!!!

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Summertime Math

I told Big Brother that we would be taking a break from school for the summer, but that I would be giving him some tasks to review math. He rolled his eyes and sighed, but agreed.

He really loves using the dry erase board. So… I picked up one from the dollar section at target (came with a marker and everything) and made this for our daily math practice:

I change the number at the top everyday. I change the tasks… how much he has to add or subtract, etc… each week.

I know many homeschoolers go year round, but for those of us who don’t, how do you keep the brain cells warm during the summer months?

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Celebrating Seuss Part 3- Party Time!

We’ve been gearing up for it all week… Dr. Seuss’s birthday party!!! Our friends came over for a Seuss filled morning.

There are so many great Seuss books to choose from…how do you pick?!?

We started with There’s a Wocket in My Pocket. We talked about how Dr. Seuss used his own made up language to create fun characters and stories. After we read the story, we played a game to come up with our own crazy rhyming words:

I had a few words written on cards. Each child got to take turns drawing a card and reading the word. We then made a list of words that rhymed with it… real or made up. If you want to extend this activity, you can take the list of crazy words and have your child make up a silly story. We might save our list for a rainy day!

Next Up, we read  Oh Say Can You Say… a book of tongue twisters. The kids that could read took turns reading the different tongue twisters. Then we played The Cat and the Hat, I Can Do That Came (You can buy it on Amazon or Target and I’m sure other places). This game is fun and silly and great for preschool and early elementary. It gets kids up and moving!

Next up, we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. We headed over to the table where I dumped out a bag of swedish fish (gummy fish). The kids first sorted the colors :

Then, we made predictions on who had the most, least, etc. and proceeded to make a graph to see how the different colors compared:

After this activity we had a picnic style lunch and watched a Cat in the Hat video. When the video was over, we headed back to the table for cookie cake, grinch punch and to listen to the story, the Cat in the Hat.

Grinch Punch is simply green sherbert and sprite…I think I poured about half of a two liter bottle of sprite and scooped about half of a quart of sherbert together. (I guess I could have just said 1 liter and 1 pint..but you get the point).


The kids had fun.. the grown ups had some adult interaction. Big Brother is already planning for next year.

Did you celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday? What was your favorite activity? Favorite Dr. Seuss book?

My favorite book is There’s a Wocket in my Pocket.




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