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Mother’s Day 2013


I wish I could wake up every morning at 5:30 AM to the sound of my 16 month old crying and have my first thought be “oh, I’m so thankful for that sweet little blessing!” I have, at times, felt so guilty when I read facebook statuses of people who sing the praises of their children and just go on and on about how blessed they are. People tell me that I need to treasure the little years because they go so quickly…. to enjoy every moment.

Every moment?


Like the moment when everyone in the house was sound asleep except for the 16 month old who was screaming and climbing all over me because she wanted to play. And then, when I gave her a waffle to quiet her down, she proceeded to grind it into my shirt, hair and the sofa we were sitting on.

Or like when my children came stumbling, sleepy eyed out on Mothers Day morning and immediately asked for food and tv instead of lavishing me with Mothers Day greetings, homemade cards, etc.

Or when, later that day, I was stuck in the bathroom of the posh country club that my parents belong to… changing a stinky (and I mean stinky) diaper with NO wipes. I texted for help as I sat there on the floor (because there was no changing table) and waited and waited and waited for help to come!

Am I really expected to treasure those moments?… covered in waffles? covered in poop?

Don’t get me wrong… I love my children. I adore my children. I can’t imagine life without my children. They have taught me so much about myself and about the love and patience that the Heavenly Father lavishes upon me. I am amazed at how they love me, despite the fact that I might be covered in waffles… and poop. I enjoy watching them play. I love to hear the games they make up. I love reading to them and teaching them… hiking with them, exploring the world with them. I do love being a mom.

I want to be a mom who, while picking up the dirty clothes from the floor or putting shoes in the shoe basket for the tenth time that day or washing dishes, again can say “I am so thankful for the little hands that made these messes.” “I am so thankful for the food that went on these plates and filled our bellies” “I am so thankful for the sweaty little feet that ran around in these stinky little shoes.”… But quite honestly… I’m just not always in that frame of mind.

I am constantly getting on to my eight year old about how ungrateful he is… about everything! Perhaps I should swallow that pill, take my own medicine and check out my own heart. You would think that being thankful would come easily. There are so many ways in which we are blessed each day… but thankfulness really is  discipline that must be practiced often.

Ok… I get it… I need to stop looking at the sippy cup as being half empty and train myself to see it as half full. I need to stop thinking about the sleep I’m missing and start thinking about the time I’m getting with my littlest snuggle bug. Stop thinking about the dirt on the floor, counters, sink and start thinking more of the ones who are behind all that tom- foolery!

After the waffles and poop yesterday, my husband took us all to a flea market… because I love yard sales… he let me loose… all by myself to peruse and purchase at will. He took the kids and let them pick out gifts from me. How can I not be thankful for that.. and check out these awesome gifts:


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Motherhood- It’s Not for the Faint of Heart

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was a preschool teacher. For eight hours a day, I was involved in the lives of 40 little people… well.. more like for 3 hours I was involved with 20 and then 3 more hours I was involved with 20 more. I had an hour break in between. I had an assistant. I had another lady that came in and assisted me with one child who was “a handful”… to say the least. I had a speech therapist that came twice a week and took a few of the kids for some of the time. I had a playground just outside. We had activities… art, PE, library, school assemblies…. I thought I was tired then.

I went into work by 7 and left no later than 4. I came home and napped while my husband cooked dinner. I was so pampered during that pregnancy!

When I was pregnant with the second one, we moved twice. I didn’t have to do much in terms of packing or unpacking… no one would let me. My job was to take care of the first born… who was twenty one months old when the baby was born. He was a rock star nap taker while I was pregnant. He would sleep for like three hours every afternoon. I would nap every day when he napped. I thought I was tired then.

Pregnancy with number three showed me levels of tiredness that I had never known… but still my older two napped for the most part in the afternoon… I could still catch a few winks in the afternoon.

Now… pregnant with number four… I am homeschooling the first two and trying my hardest to keep the toddler from destroying the house and herself. I “go into” work around 7 and don’t leave. This is a twenty- four hour a day job.

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Motherhood is dirty. Motherhood is smelly. Motherhood is life in the trenches… an uphill battle. You have to know the names fifty stuffed animals. At any time, you must recall random facts about dinosaurs, ocean animals, birds, leaves, etc. You have to know who had the unicorns last when playing My Little Pony, keep up with whose turn it is to open the van door, help with the dishes, take a bath first, etc.  You must be careful to treasure every scrap of paper they bring to you… because they made it just for you… and keep up with every flower and weed they pick for you… because they picked it just for you.

You try to survive the day… you try to write down the cute things they say and did because you know you want to remember, but your brain only has so much room. You try not to cry over spilled milk.. but come on… you just mopped the floor!

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Motherhood is missions, discipleship, teaching, training, loving, crying, praying, striving, resting, laughing, refereeing, cheer-leading.

It’s tiring work… but it sure is rewarding (most days)!

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What Do Moms Do?

From the mouths of babes…

According to the little monkeys, this is what moms do:

– change diapers
– say “no”
– say “sister, sister”
– whistle
– take care of babies
– play with babies
– use the vacuum
– watch puppet shows
– have phones
– make notes
– make phone calls

So… There it is… Now you know what moms do!

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The Monkey Mommy’s Exercise Routine

Stretching: Reach down to the dishwasher to get the clean dishes… stretch up high to put them away.

Muscle Toning:
-Do squats as you get down low to get the milk from the bottom shelf of the fridge.
– Lift the one year old out of the crib
– Lift the one year old into her high chair
– Pick up and hug the older monkeys, put them down, repeat
**Be sure to lift with your legs

Yoga like exercise:
– Balance on one foot while holding three breakfast dishes on left arm as you maneuver through the kitchen. Avoid stepping on monkeys underfoot as you switch balance from one foot to the other.
-Breathe slowly in and out as your monkey children change their minds about what they want for breakfast after you have already prepared the meal.

– Chase previously mentioned one year old around the house. Sit down in your chair and think you are done, then realize she is in the kitchen and get up and run. Settle her into the living room, sit down and then quickly run to other side of the room where she is about to pull a table down. Settle down once again, then jump up quickly, run as you jump hurdles over the toys in the room and move toward the playroom where you just heard a crash.
– Repeat two or three times

Cool Down:
Turn on Dinosaur train and grab a glass of water.

Thank you for tuning in for today’s edition of the Monkey Mommy’s Exercise Routine

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