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Oreo Truffles… Just Not Right

A friend of mine posted this sinfully good recipe on her blog a few months back. She had a picture of her toddler eating one of these yummy truffles… I just had to try them. I made them for the hubs for Father’s Day, which we celebrated a couple of days early.

Easiest recipe in the world… ready…

1 Pack Oreos
1 8oz bar of cream cheese (I actually used low fat and they still tasted great)
chocolate bark or morsels for coating (I used dark chocolate)

Crush up the oreos in the food processor, then stir in the softened cream cheese. Roll the mixture into little balls and set them on wax paper. Put the balls into the fridge to cool (maybe and hour). Melt the chocolate on low and dip the oreo balls in, covering them with the melted chocolate. Return them to the wax paper and then to the fridge to cool and harden.

Easy Peasy!!!

Oh and apparently these are good for your marriage too. My husband asked where these have been all of our marriage. He said that these truffles could have solved so many disputes over the last seven and a half years. If I had just given him a truffle at the beginning of an argument, he would have forgotten all about it and moved merrily on his way. Ha Ha!

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