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Cinco De Mayo Freebie- Color By Number Printable

My kids love doing math when it is presented in a fun way. They especially love doing color by Numbers.

I have two coloring sheets for you today. The first is just color by color. The second is color by addition fact. Be sure to click on the link below the image for the printable version!

Pinata Color Click for Printable Version — >>Pintata Candy Color

Click for Printable Version —>> Pinanta Candy Color By Addition Facts

Clip Art was designed by me and can be found HERE. Use NINJA50 to save 50%

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FREE Lego Resources Round Up

lego round up

Legos are and have been the hot commodity in our house this year. It is the toy that my children play with daily… even the two year old.

I am always on the look out for FREE Lego resources to use in our homeschool. I have an ever growing Homeschool Lego Board on Pinterest.

Here is my big list of FREE LEGO resources.

Let’s start with what you can find on THIS BLOG:

Monthly Lego Building Challenges

Lego Themed Color By Number (numbers, adding, multiplication)

Make Your Own Lego Idea Book

Lego Duplo Patterns Template

Matching File Folder Game

Here are a few of my other favorites:

Writing- Exploring Emotions with Lego Faces

Writing- Lego Minifigure Writing Prompts (There are several different themes available on this blog)

100 Legos Writing Prompt

Create Your Own Minifig

Lego Lapbook

Learning with Lego (Jr. Version)

Pre K- Lego Movie Printable Pack

Math- Lego Pi Skyline

Geometry with Legos

Teaching Art with Legos

Lego.Com Website with Games

Lego Digital Designer- Free Software Download- Virtual Lego Design

Favorite Apps (these are Android, but I know there are tons in the App Store as well):

Lego Star Wars- The Yoda Chronicles

Lego Technic Race

Lego Duplo Zoo

Lego City- Rapid Rescue

Just for Fun Videos on YouTube:

Me Without You by Toby Mac- Lego Stop Motion

Lego Movie Outtakes


There are SO MANY great resources out there. This list is really just the tip of the iceberg! Do you have free Lego resources on your blog? What are your favorite resources/ activities? Comment below and share the wealth!


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Mid Week Freebie- Star Wars Multiplication

Big Brother has been struggling to remember his multiplication facts so I let him make this “cheat sheet” of multiples. It is Star Wars themed … therefore a win.

I had him put together the sheet himself. He cut flaps on the main sheet and then glued just the side where the characters are to a plain white sheet. He then proceeded to fill in the various multiples.

star wars


Feel free to Print out a copy of Star Wars Multiples for yourself! Click on the link BELOW the image for the printable version.

star wars math Click for Printable Version —->> Star Wars Math

I’m curious. What are your tricks of the trade for teaching multiplication? What games, songs, methods do you use? Comment below and let me know!

Clip Art: Characters were Desinged by Dorky Prints. The light sabers were designed by Big Brother himself.

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Freebie Friday- Lego Themed Matching File Folder Game

Happy Friday!

Sorry for the week long absence. I’m still here!

I’ve recently opened a shop on Teachers Pay Teachers. I mostly sell Clip Art, but every now and then I put printables in there as well.

I created a pack of TEN lego themed filed folder games to sell in the shop. You can find it here.

Today’s FREEBIE is one of the games offered in the pack. It is a matching game geared for preschool. The game includes a cover sheet, two papers for gluing into the file folder and the appropriate pieces for the game. I highly recommend laminating or covering with contact paper to extend the life of the game.

Remember to click on the link BELOW the image to get the printable version.

matching game Click the Link for the Printable Version —>>> Lego Themed Matching File Folder Game

You can get the full set of Lego Themed File Folder games HERE for $5.00 (that’s just 50 cents a game!).

Enjoy your weekend!

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Freebie Friday- Egg Hunt Printables

Happy Friday!

I hope you enjoy these cute little egg hunts.

Remember to click the link BELOW the image for the printable version. There is a boy version and a girl version.

Egg Hunt Boy Click for printable version —->>> Egg Hunt Boy

Egg Hunt Girl Click for printable version —>>>Egg Hunt Girl

Have a great weekend!!!

**Clip art was designed by me and can be found HERE**

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Freebie Friday- Middle Ages Multiplication Printable Pack

Big Brother is so bright. He always has been. He, however, does not like math! He can do quite a bit of problem solving, but the basic facts trip him up. We are primarily working on Multiplication this year (Math U See Gamma). He is a little hung up on our current lessons, so I thought I’d take a break and do some “fun” math.

He loves doing color by math facts, secret codes, etc.

Through Easy Peasy, we are currently working our way through the Middle Ages. I put together this Math Pack to supplement his math lessons.

The pack includes:

Color by Number (multiplying by 5s)

Color by Number (multiplying by 3s)

Secret Code (double digit multiplying)

2 pages of Math Puzzles

Click on the Link BELOW the image for the printable version!

Cover Photo Click for Printable Version —>>Middle Ages Multiplication Pack

Did you find this pack to be helpful? Comment below and let me know!!!

Clip Art Designed by me and can be found HERE.

Happy Friday!!!

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Daily Lego Building Challenge- April 2014

My kids TOTALLY abandoned the lego challenges this month! I don’t blame them… we had a CRAZY month… lots of sickness, a two year old hospitalized with pneumonia, field trips, enrichment classes, Big Brother’s birthday. It was a busy time!!!

I thought I’d give them another chance with the challenges and put together a calendar for April.


Remember: Click on the link BELOW the image for the printable version.

Lego April Click for the printable version—>> Lego April

Happy Monday!!!

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Freebie Friday- Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

I have recently been teaching a preschool “book club” class through our homeschool association. Each week, we read a different book and do activities accordingly.

Last week, we read Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed and Five Little Monkeys Play Hide and Seek.

I put together these little puppets for the kids to wear on their fingers while I read the book and we sang the song:

**Click the link BELOW the image for the printable version**

Monkey Puppets Click for Printable Version: Monkey Puppets

Simply fold the puppets in half and staple the sides, leaving the bottom open to make a finger puppet.

After we read the books and sang the song, the kids headed to the table to make their own scene of Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

Monkey Bed Click for Printable Version—>> Monkey Bed

The children colored the monkeys then cut them out and glued them on and around the bed!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I love feedback. Did you use these printables? What did you think???

**Clip Art designed by me and can be found HERE.

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Freebie Friday- Daily Lego Building Challenges for March

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How is it already almost March?!?! February was such a short month, but so filled up for us! It FLEW by so quickly!!!

Here is the calendar for March’s Building challenges. Please excuse the awkward placement of the last few days of March. I had the whole calendar finished when I realized I left off the last couple of days… whoops!!!

Remember to click on the link BELOW the image for the printable version!

lego challenge marchClick for Printable Version—>>Lego Challenge March 2014

Happy Friday!

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Seusstastic Craft Round Up

craft round up seuss

Are you ready for Read Across America?!?!

Here are some of my favorite Seuss Inspired Crafts that I’ve found so far!

Thing One and Thing Two Hand Print Art/ The Foot Book Footprint Art

Cat in the Hat Toilet Paper Pop Up

Online Game-  Create A Creature

Cat in the Hat Pancake Breakfast

Counting with Yertle the Turtle (egg carton turtles)

Mixed Up Animal Craft

Horton’s Clover Yarn Pom Pom

Pencil Cup with Truffula Trees

Printable, Colorable Picture Frames

Horton Flower Pots

Seuss City from Recycled Materials

One Fish Two Fish Placemat

The Lorax Writing Activity

Pipe Cleaner Cat in the Hat and Things One and Two

Don’t forget to also check out the printables offered on THIS BLOG:

Printable Pack for Elementary

Seuss Writing Prompts

Check out my other Seuss-y resourced as well!

What are your favorite Seuss crafts and activities? Comment below and let me know!



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