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My First Quillow

For Christmas, my mom got my grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine serviced and ready for me to use. I have been sew happy all week.

Little Sis’s birthday is tomorrow. We are moving her out of a toddler bed and into a big girl bed… so I decided to make her a blanket. I was looking online for ideas and came across patterns for “quillows”… quilts that fold into pillows.

So… here is my first quillow…

 First I made the quilt (2 yards of blue flannel on bottom… 14 in by 14 in squares sewn together to form the top panel). The bottom pink square is actually an extra square (pink on one side, design on the other) that is sewn on top of the top panel with the top side left open … this is where the quilt gets stuffed in to make a pillow.

 Here’s another view of the pillow pocket. 
Once the quillow is complete, you have to learn to fold it.

To start, lay out the quilt with the pocket side down and fold the outer vertical edges of the quilt towards each other overlapping first one side, than the other edge.

Flip your quilt over so the edges are folded in and the pillow pocket is at the bottom of your quilt. Start at the top of the quilt and fold it into sections until you get to the pocket and slide the quilt into it’s self made pillow.

**When folding, I actually folded mine down and then turned the pillow pocket inside out, swallowing up the quilt… I hope that makes sense. You do whatever works for you.

I did run into a few kinks… this being my first attempt at such a project. I had to do some hand stitching around the pillow pocket because for some reason I just didn’t get everything lined up when sewing with the machine.

You can google “Quillow Instructions” and see how other people have done it… some people suggest reinforcing the pillow pocket… some use quilt batting in the middle…

I am excited about all the quillow possibilities!

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Recycled Clothes Quilt

 I have had a growing collection of the monkey boy’s favorite t shirts and pjs that are so worn, no consignment store would take them. These items have been some of his favorites and although they don’t fit him anymore, I just couldn’t seem to let them go. I decided to cut them up and put them into a quilt for him for Christmas. The materials include two sets of dinosaur pjs, the very first flannel baby blanket he was wrapped up in as a baby (also dinosaurs), his favorite “big brother” shirt and a couple more t shirts he was particularly fond of.

Now… I must tell you that I am NOT handy with a sewing machine. I have a tendency to get impatient or become instruction manual illiterate therefore breaking things along the way. I have avoided sewing for the last few years after my first attempt at a t- shirt quilt that resulted in my breaking a 60 year old sewing machine.

I borrowed this machine from a friend, determined to make this work.

 I spent some time preparing… you know… cutting, measuring, etc. My cuts were not pretty and try as I may, not all my squares were the same size. I went to JoAnn’s to get fabric (an overwhelming experience in itself) for the sash pieces (I think that’s what you call the in between strips of fabric) and the backing. I used green flannel.

 Here’s how I did it…
1. Cut the squares from various materials (I traced a CD case for the square template)
2. Cut sash pieces to go on the sides. I sewed the individual rows together first, then the long sash pieces that divided them.
3. I measured, cut and sewed the border pieces
4. Finally, I sewed the backing on. I positioned the pieces so they were inside out, sewed them together leaving a small opening on the bottom… pulled it right side out and finished off that opening by hand.

I am pretty excited about the finished product. I am not sure I can wait all the way until Christmas to give it to the little guy!

Stay tuned to see what I make for Little Sis and Baby Girl. I’ve got some ideas brewing… but no solid plans made yet.

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