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Money Saving Monday- Needs vs Wants

If you read our family blog, this is a post I wrote about a year ago. It always seems to be one of the most clicked on posts. I struggle with needs vs. wants. I do. I’ll admit it. What I think I need one day is really nothing more than a want the next. A couple of months ago, my husband’s car quit working. To me, we NEEDED his car fixed or to get a replacement. We simply could not function as a one car family. With him driving for his job and me homeschooling the kids, having two cars was a must. But…we couldn’t afford another car. We couldn’t afford to get his fixed. And for two months.. guess what… we somehow survived. We’ve been blessed beyond measure to have been given a car this past weekend for which we are so grateful. It wasn’t a need as I saw it a couple of months ago. It was a want… it was a comfort… it was security. We were fine with one car, but I am so thankful that now we have two…

Anyway… here’s the post for today:

Our pastor has been doing a series of sermons from Proverbs. He has covered a number of topics- wisdom, marriage, and most recently money. Money is a hard issue to discuss. My husband and I are finding that as we seek wise council in regards to the handling of finances, we receive a myriad of answers. We have asked many people who we consider wise, maturing Christians and have received conflicting answers on the best way to honor God in the area of money.

Questions that crossed our lips especially while my husband was in seminary: how do you tithe while living on support? How do you tithe when your income doesn’t meet your basic needs? Is it wise to give while in debt? Should you tithe if it means going farther into debt? Is tithing limited to money or can it be giving of your time and other resources? We don’t have the answers to these questions.

One thing I appreciated in our pastor’s sermon a couple of weeks ago is the idea that everyone has different chores in the kingdom of God- so, the way we use what we have, the amount of resources we are given…will look different from one person to the next. We have to be cautious not to pass judgement on someone because of what they have… or because of what they don’t have.

Needs v Wants… What do we need…what do we want? Because of seminary, we had to learn to live with what we need and not so much worry about what we want. Part of me wants to take pride in that fact… But I have ask myself how would I act if I had the money to indulge in what I want? Would I still pinch pennies and be frugal? I hope so.

Final thoughts:
Many people today wonder about the presence of supernatural activity in the Bible (angels and demons, spiritual warfare)… Does it still exist today or is that all a thing of the past? Friends of mine that are missionaries in developing countries would say yes as the have experienced that kind of thing first hand. So… Why not so much in America? We don’t need Satan to distract us from God… We do it to ourselves with all our stuff that we “need”.

Just sayin’…

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Featured Product- Songs for Saplings

Learn ABCs and Scripture too! I went to the Songs for Saplings and listened to some song clips. The music is definitely appealing to little ones! The words to the songs are straight from Scripture! Check it out for yourself (!

Designed to teach one words of God.

– Simple songs that can be sung by the parents and teachers.

– Ideal for teaching righteousness to kids.

– Easy to grasp words.

Made by Songs for Saplings

The music from Songs for Saplings is designed to help you teach your children about God. We create lively, fun songs that attempt to deliver the deepest of Biblical truth in a format that your children will love to listen to.

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