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My New Toy

My amazing man of a husband got me this new toy for Valentines Day. We are not big celebrators of Valentines Day … so it was complete surprise to me when I opened this up! He sacrificed some gift card money that he received … instead of spending it on himself, he chose to bless me. People probably wonder about the gifts he gives me. I know one year, he gave me a gift card to the Container Store for Mother’s Day… the cashier thought he was crazy… but he adamantly explained to her that I would love it… that I really love organizing and office supplies. You may remember my confession about my love of office supplies.

So.. before you start thinking, “how unromantic… he got her cleaning supplies!” Just know that I am super excited about this gift. When my house is clean, I am a better person.

I am a sucker for infomercials! A few years ago, my husband got me a Magic Bullet… which I use on a regular basis. He caught me drooling over the portable Steam Shark (pictured) one day. I knew that we could never justify such a purchase on our seminary budget… so I just put the thoughts of owning a portable shark aside.

But now… I am the proud owner of the portable Steam Shark!!! It comes with super fun and odd looking accessories. I can sanitize and deodorize with this little puppy. I can steam garments, kill dust mites, wipe out bacteria, scrub my kitchen, clean my shower, freshen my cushions and more… all without chemicals! I would love be the kind of gal that is passionate about going green and helping the earth… but I am not. When I can be eco- friendly and save money at the same time… I am all about it. The steam shark uses the power of steam… no chemicals or cleaners required. I am excited about the fact that this will be saving us the pain and money of having to buy lots of cleaners.

I already own the steam shark mop (Christmas present a couple of years ago from my mom).. and I am a big fan. My floors are so clean… which is a good thing with baby girl always hanging around and scavenging for fallen food. I haven’t bought floor cleaners, swiffer pads or anything else since I got the shark.

PS… The Shark company has no idea who I am. I am just writing this because I am really excited about this gift. It is so easy to use and comes with a tote bag to store it and all it’s accessories. It gets two thumbs up from this Mama Monkey!

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