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Cupcake Kids 2013

This is our third year participating in the Cupcake Kids International Cupcake sale. What’s the Cupcake Kids you ask? Well… let me tell you! A few years ago, some dear friends of ours felt called to start a ministry called Sixty Feet. The primary purpose of the ministry is to work with street children who have been placed in child remand centers in Uganda. The ministry seeks to provide things like food, shelter, clean water, vocational training and other awesome things.

The children of the ministry founders wanted to be part of the ministry and decided to sell cupcakes to raise money.. and thus started the Cupcake Kids. The idea spread and over the last three years quite a few cupcake sales have taken place all over the world!

We have been blessed to be part of the cupcake kids for the last three years.


We set up our cupcake stand at the local hardware store for the second year in a row. They were having a big sale, so we had a lot of people buy cupcakes!


The kids learned to articulate the vision of Sixty Feet. They learned how to approach people and we had a big lesson in social graces!

If you weren’t able to make it out to our cupcake sale on Saturday and you’d still like to help out… you can buy a “virtual cupcake” … in other words, you can make a donation through our online cupcake stand .

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Bleached T Shirt Tutorial

I’ve seen this idea on Pinterest. I’m sure several versions are out there, but here is our’s!

We participate each year in a cupcake sale to raise money for a ministry that is near and dear to our hearts, Sixty Feet. Come back tomorrow for more on the cupcake sale. This is our third year participating and Big Brother had out grown his t shirt that he usually wears. I remembered the idea for a bleached t shirt and figured that would be simple and quick enough… seeing how we realized the day before the sale that he did not have a shirt.


Materials Needed:

Diluted Bleach

T Shirt (darker colors probably  work best)

spray bottle



I probably put 2 or 3 Tablespoons of bleach and the rest water


Now, I made the stencil by tracing Africa from an atlas onto plain printer paper. I imagine freezer paper might be a better option, but this served the purpose just fine!

I recommend setting up this project in the bathtub. I did a little test spray on an obscure part of the shirt… just to make sure it would work.


I pinned the stencil in place and let big brother spray away. I told him to make sure to get the edges of the stencil well. It only took about a minute to cover the shirt.


I jumped the gun a little. I was worried the bleach water would soak through the paper and ruin the idea. I unpinned it and tried to move the still wet paper. A few drops got left behind. All in all, I’d say the project turned out well though. After I removed the stencil, I took another spray bottle, filled with just water and sprayed down the shirt. I then rinsed it, in the bath tub and then took it to wash, by itself, in the washing machine.

The washing machine process was the longest part of the project. I feel like there are so many options that open up for this kind of project… so many t shirts, flags, blankets, pillow cases… just imagine.

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Cupcake Kids Sale- Part 2

We headed to our local hardware store this past weekend to do our part in the (Inter)National Cupcake Kids sale!

This past weekend, families all over the United States and various countries around the world took part in an (Inter)National Cupcake Sale to raise money for the ministry of Sixty Feet. It just feels special to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Knowing that other cupcake sales were happening around the world made us feel like we were part of something great… and we were!

We were doing Kingdom work… sweet, yummy kingdom work. As people bought our cupcakes, we (mostly Big Brother) were able to share about the injustices that are happening to street children in Uganda and how Sixty Feet is doing their part to help. We were able to explain how the ministry started and how the money raised will be used.

If you missed the Cupcake Sale and would like to buy a “virtual cupcake”… simply visit our online Cupcake Stand and make a donation.


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Cupcake Kids Sale

If you’ve read this blog, you’ve probably heard me mention the ministry Sixty Feet. The ministry and its founders are dear to my heart. They are really seeing the hand of God move among the people of Uganda. They have experienced much heartbreak as well has many victories since the ministry started just a couple of years ago. Please take time to check out the ministry website and learn more about their story.

We are excited to be part of the Cupcake Kids… an idea started by the kids whose parents work with Sixty Feet. These little folks wanted to contribute to the ministry and came up with the idea of selling cupcakes! The idea spread and people all over the world hosted cupcake sales last year. The Cupcake kids are at it again. This Saturday, May 5th is the day set aside for the (Inter)National Cupcake Kids sale. It really is a great idea. Families all over the world bake a few cupcakes and sell them in their own yards, neighborhoods, etc. All the proceeds go directly to benefit Sixty Feet as they seek to serve the children of Uganda. No amount raised is to small… because when you put all the proceeds from all the sales together, it is amazing to see the amount of money the Cupcake Kids raise.

We are heading out to a local hardware store this weekend to sell our cupcakes. If you don’t live near us, but would still like to participate, please consider donating to Sixty Feet through our Cupcake Stand’s link. Please know that this is a ministry that we trust and support. We know that the money raised will be used to benefit imprisoned street children in Uganda physically, spiritually and emotionally. More specifically, the money raised goes towards educational needs, food and clean water, medical needs, raising up local leaders and improving the facilities where these children are housed.

Would you like to host a Cupcake Kids Sale? It doesn’t have to be this Saturday… you can do it whenever works for you. Visit the Cupcake Kids Site to learn more about hosting your own sale.

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Orphan Sunday

Today is the official Orphan Sunday. A couple at our church who will be leaving soon to live in Haiti and run camps for orphans got up and shared about the global orphan crisis. They talked about the unbelievable numbers of truly orphaned children in the world and how so little are willing and/ or able to adopt them… so these children are sentenced to a life in foster care or orphanages. My heart broke as I thought about my many friends who are in the process of adopting. It is not an easy road to travel. It is costly… financially, spiritually and emotionally. The financial cost is through the roof. The emotional cost is overwhelming. And.. because God is pro- adoption… Satan is not and will do everything to bring down a family who chooses to care for the orphan. One family I know have been waiting and hoping for a year to bring home two precious boys from Ethiopia. They have raised money. They have invested in this adoption. They have had door after door slammed in their face as they wait for these boys. Another couple are trying to adopt and have been all but shut down by the government of the country they are seeking to adopt from. The government thinks it’s better for these children to be resettled with their biological family or left in an orphanage than to be adopted internationally… question… what about the child who was given by her family to the village witch doctor as a sacrifice and narrowly escaped?… or a child who was sold into prostitution by her family? Are you trying to tell me that sending those children back to their families is really the best thing for them?

I think more people are willing to adopt than we know… I think the red tape and closed doors shut them out and down.

Then… there are families like mine. We have three children with one on the way. My husband just finished seminary and we are basically starting our lives over. We have hearts for the orphans, but not the means or call (for now) to physically adopt. So… how do we follow the Biblical mandate to care for the orphans (James 1:27)?

I think it starts with awareness. We must be educated. We must not turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to the crisis at hand. We must be an advocate for orphans and for those who are called to adopt.Last year, a family we knew was doing a series of yard sales to raise money towards their adoption. Our kids donated toys and our time to help with these yard sales. We didn’t have much, but it was how we could help at the time.

If you are ready to take physical action towards helping the orphans of the world, but not so much called to adopt… consider partnering with ministries who are involved in orphan care. I am skeptical… I’ll admit when it comes to giving money to ministries. I want to know what the ministry is about… how they are helping… where money is going. I want to know the heart of the workers.

Please consider my friends at Sixty Feet. I know many of these folks personally and am very much for the work they are doing in Uganda. They are working with Uganda’s imprisoned street children. They are ministering physically and spiritually to these children… bringing water, meals, education, counseling, etc. to the children in the facilities.

There are a few ways you can partner with this ministry:

1. Donate straight to the ministry

2. Child Sponsorship

3. Buy A T- Shirt

4. Follow the Blog and PRAY!

5. Donate specifically toward the building of a facility for young children.

6. Go on a Trip and see first hand!

7. Host a Cupcake Kids Sale!

Like I said, I know these folks personally… and for what’s it’s worth, I think their ministry is legit. They pray, they have accountability and they have HUGE hearts for the orphaned and imprisoned children of Uganda. You don’t have to adopt to follow James 1:27. Please consider, especially on this orphan Sunday, how you can help!

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Can You Help?

Hi friends!
I have a favor to ask.
It will take about 3 minutes of your time.
But the impact could change the lives of many imprisoned children
SixtyFeet serves in Uganda
Please go to Giving of Life and cast a vote.
Seriously, it’s as simple as clicking the word “vote” on the left side of the webpage.
And if you register on their site, you get extra votes.
(Don’t worry – if you register, you can un-click the “Keep In Touch” box
and you won’t receive any unwanted emails.)
And if you tweet about this,
you get extra votes.
That’s it.
Yup. It’s that simple.
You click.
You vote.
SixtyFeet moves into the top 20 ministries.
We become eligible to win a grant for $50,000.
Lives are changed.
It takes a few minutes and it will cost you nothing.
But it could literally make a world of difference
to the children SixtyFeet serves in Uganda.
Please go.
Vote again.
Share the link.
Do you know what could be done with $50,000 in Uganda?!?
**And if you’re really feeling frisky… feel free to copy this blog post word for word and write about it on your blog! Let’s get the word out and help Sixty Feet help the orphaned and imprisoned children in Uganda!**

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Sixty Feet

I wanted to take a minute to let you know what some of my friends have been up to in the past few months. I cannot do the story of this ministry justice, but I will try to give you an overview and encourage you to visit their website and read their blog for yourself.
Last night, I was privileged to attend a viewing of the film that my friends at 60 Feet have put together after several trips to Uganda. There is a place in Uganda that is labeled a “rehabilitation center.” This place is basically where street kids are dumped to get them out of sight and out of mind. A dear lady was driving through the city when this sign caught her eye. She drove down a long dirt road and was met by horrific conditions that no person should be subjected to. Children were chained to the walls and windows, severely malnourished, severely neglected. She was so moved by what she saw that she has committed to helping and serving these children in the name of Christ.
Some guys from Atlanta heard her story and started praying about how to help. They quickly realized that they would go to Uganda and see for themselves what they could do. The quickly realized that God was calling them to invest in these children and the work this dear lady was doing. Thus the ministry 60 Feet was born. Much has been done, but much still needs to be done. These children are helpless victims. They do not deserve to be in this place, chained to the walls, cold and afraid.
Please join me in praying for the work that God is doing through 60 Feet!

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