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Freebie Friday- Blank Thank you Cards for Kids

thank you 1

Do your kids write thank you notes? Big Brother is old enough now to write without a guide, but Big Sis and Little Sis are still young enough to get overwhelmed with the task of writing several thank you notes.

I made up these little cards for them to use this year after Christmas.

Here is how you put them together:

thank you 2

thank you 3

thank you 4

Feel free to download and use these cards as you see fit. Click on the links below to download:

Thank You Notes 2 (these are the ones pictured above)

Owl Thank You Cards

Star Wars Thank You Notes

Thank you notes

I’d love to hear if these were helpful to you. How do you encourage your kids to show gratitude?

Happy Friday

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Family Thanksgiving Journal

journal 2We started something new this Thanksgiving… but it’s not just for the month of November. It will be a year round thing in our home.

We leave it in a central place in the living room with a pen available. Whenever someone is struck with a thankful heart, they can record it in the journal. I love that there are different handwritings and personalities represented already.

journal 1I have really been praying for my kids to have a thankful heart. I struggle with the fact that they always want more. If we go to the park, they always ask who else will be there. If we watch a show on TV, they ask to watch a second one. They always want more and more. I know that some of that is the age… but I want to teach them early. I want to see a heart of thankfulness cultivated in them. I’m hoping this will help keep it at the forefront of their minds (and mine).

Do you like the cover… simple and to the point? Feel free to print yourself one… click the link BELOW the image for the printable version.

Give ThanksClick for the Printable Version Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving Activities and FREE Printable

Here’s day 2 of our Thanksgiving Activities!

I found this fun ACTIVITY where the kids learn the story of the first Thanksgiving and then make story retelling bracelets to help them remember.

We watched the Charlie Brown version of the first Thanksgiving, called the Mayflower Voyagers (I used to be able to find it on You Tube, but I couldn’t this year. It is on Netflix though). After the video, we made the bracelets as we reviewed the story.

IMAG4619The white represents the Mayflower, blue the ocean, green the land, black the hard first year, brown the turkey, red the cranberries, yellow the corn and orange the pumpkin pie. You twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to represent holding hands and giving thanks.

Also… here’s another Printable Activity that I put together for the kids.

Click the link BELOW the image for the printable version:

Time for Turkey

Click to download printable version —–>>Time for Turkey

Don’t forget to check out my other Thanksgiving Printables and Ideas for Thanksgiving Lapbook

Come back tomorrow for even more Thanksgiving fun!!!

What does your family do to celebrate Thanksgiving?

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FREE Thanksgiving Printable Pack

To make up for my recent blog absence, I thought I’d offer this FREE Thanksgiving Printable Pack. We are taking a break from our usual school stuff to do some Thanksgiving themed activities. Stay tuned! I’ll be posting ideas all week!

This pack is targeted for early elementary (k-3) and includes:






Click the link BELOW the image to download the printable version!

Thanksgiving Cover

Click to download Printable Version—–>>Thanksgiving Printable Pack

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving activities?

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Thanksgiving Freebie Round Up and Our First Lapbook

I have been reading about and seeing lapbooks all over the homeschool circuit, but it wasn’t until I got my hands on one that a friend’s little girls had done that the idea clicked! I kept thinking lapbooks were like file folder games only more extensive… but they are not.

From what I understand (and please set me straight if I am wrong)… lapbooks are more like a collection of projects done in a unit study. It’s a work in progress and a handy way to keep all the learning and projects done in one handy place.

With that said, I decided to try out a Thanksgiving lapbook with my three oldest (7, 5, and 3). We read a story about the first Thanksgiving and then they each got a Thanksgiving lapbook that I tailored to each age using various Thanksgiving freebies I have found.

They each got to design the front however they chose.



Sorry my pics are a little blurry. I think little fingers must have been grabbing my camera when I wasn’t looking! Ok… for Little Sis (3).. I used a couple of the freebies from 1+1+1=1’s Thanksgiving Preschool Pack. All of the kids also had a copy of THIS PRINTABLE PLACEMAT from Darling Doodles in their lapbook.

Big Sis (5) had the same placemat as well as a list of Thanksgiving words (harvest, pilgrim, thanksgiving, pie, turkey, feast, Mayflower) to practice reading. The placemat page is actually a flap that lifts up for more workspace:

Big Sis and Big Brother had to copy Psalm 107:1- Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures forever. Big Sis then had a book to put together called Color the Turkey where she practiced reading color words. This was also from 1+1+1=1’s Preschool Thanksgiving Pack.


Big Brother and Big Sis both had this Roll and Color Page from Ms. Rachel’s Room on the back of their lap books.

In addition to the placemat and copy work, Big Brother had a writing assignment to finish this statement “If I had ridden on the Mayflower…” He also had this fun printable to find as many words as he could from the word “thanksgiving”

What’s that paint chip thing you see in all the books? It’s just a fun little thankfulness project I got from Pinterest. They wrote and/ or drew pictures of what they were thankful for on the paint chip feathers.

Tada! That’s it for our first Lapbooking project. I think it went well. The kids REALLY enjoyed the whole process. They liked comparing their books… seeing what was the same and talking about what was different. Little Sis felt very important doing school with the big kids.

I hope you find these resources helpful. What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving freebies, activities and crafts?

Don’t forget to check out the FREE Thanksgiving Subway Art I posted a couple of days ago.


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Been Pinning- More Thanksgiving Activities

I’ve been collecting crafty ideas, printables, games, etc on my pinterest Thanksgiving board. 

I know Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, but if you’re still looking for ideas… or if you need something to put at the kids table to keep little fingers occupied… maybe some of these will help.

Thanksgiving Sudoku

Word Scramble

Thanksgiving Placemat... Love this!

Color By Letter Turkey

So many great ideas are out there. One day I’ll learn how to put my own printables out there for you… but for now, I’ll rely on the other great stuff on the internet.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some other Thanksgiving Printables we’d be using. Be sure to check it out.

Some games and activities you could do  might be:

Spin the bottle (not the kissing version… let’s keep it G rated people)… spin the bottle and whoever it lands on has to say something they are thankful for or share a Thanksgiving day fact.

Baking Include your kids in baking for the day- let them help with measuring, pouring, etc. It’s messy, but it’s fun! Cookies are an easy place to start.

Place Cards- If you are having family or friends over to your house for a feast, let your kids make the place cards for the table. If they can’t write, let them draw pictures on the card.

Thanksgiving Charades- Take turns acting out thanksgiving things… mayflower, pilgrims, turkey, native Americans, harvest, etc.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving Activities?

Do you pin? Feel free to follow me on Pinterest.

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Thanksgiving Printables

I am stretching out our next week of school into two weeks to accommodate travel and thanksgiving. I am planning to do review with all the math we’ve been learning, some Thanksgiving spelling words, and plenty of Thanksgiving crafts, books and activities. I am going to back off on science.

Here are a few of the printable activities I have lined up:

From Super Teacher Worksheets

A Thanksgiving Cryptogram for Big Brother

An Article about why the turkey is not the national bird

– Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

From Christian Preschool Printables

Cornucopia Activity for all three of my little monkeys

And of course, what’s Thanksgiving without a Handprint Turkey:

What will you do to celebrate/ teach Thankfulness and Thanksgiving this year?

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A Not So Traditional Thanksgiving

 For Thanksgiving this year… we decided to change things up! Did you know that you don’t have to have turkey and fixings the traditional way.. check out what we did!

 Turkey Burgers with a kick:
1 lb of ground turkey
2 cups Mozzarella cheese
1 package dry ranch dressing mix
Mix everything together and form into patties… then grill!

 Sweet Potato Fries… Go to the store, look in the frozen food aisle and buy a bag of Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries!

Pumpkin Pie (recipe from the back of the Libby’s Pumpkin can … why mess with a good thing):
3/4 cup sugar
1 can pumpkin (16 oz)
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ginger
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1 can evaporated milk (12 oz)
2 eggs

Combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl and pour into a frozen deep dish pie shell. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes than reduce heat to 350 and cook for 40- 50 minutes.

Let cool for 2 hours, then serve or refrigerate.

We also made a batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies !

Regardless of what you did for Thanksgiving, I hope you had a fantastic day!

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