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Money Saving Monday- Thrift Stores

We have been blessed to rarely have to buy clothes for our kids. Each place we have lived, we have found friends who passed clothes down to my kids. I am praying we’ll find some friends like that soon!

We just moved from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina. While in Florida, it is still sweltering.. here, there is a definite fall nip in the air. The temps are in the fifties when we wake up in the morning. So… last week, I headed to the basement to pull out some warmer clothes for my little monkeys. The girls were set. They are still thriving on hand me downs. Baby girl is reaping the benefits of having a Big Sis and Big Sis is reaping the benefits of having a slightly older cousin. But… when I went to pull out some things for Big Brother… I realized that we’d come to the end of our hand me down storage. I only found a couple of articles of  clothing that were seasonally and size appropriate.

I started looking on ebay and trying to hit up sales online. I looked at many of the places that boast having affordable prices… but I just can’t justify spending $15 on a pair of pants my son is only going to wear for a season. We looked around at Sam’s and Walmart and again came up short. I kept getting outbid on ebay.. plus I didn’t really want to pay the shipping.

So… the boy and I headed to Goodwill the other day and hit the jackpot. We got six pairs of pants for $13… and they are nice… Cherokee, Old Navy, Gap, Oshkosh and more. For less than what I would have paid at the store for one pair of pants, I got six pairs.

I don’t have a problem shopping at thrift stores… I think some people do… I think there is a stigma about it. I remember in high school, going to Value Village to buy tacky clothes for fun… I never thought about actually buying wearable clothes.

It takes a little more work to sort through the clothing racks, but it is totally worth the trouble!

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