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Workout Wednesday- Kids Edition

workout kids

It has been COLD and RAINY and my kids are STIR CRAZY!!!

I started looking for things to help them get out their energy. I was really please to find some fun workout videos that are kids friendly. The kids really enjoy them as well and ask to do them over and over.

Fitness Blender Kids Workout Video… about 25 minutes long.

Swamp Stomp… We haven’t done this one and it looks super cheesey, but I bet kids love it! It is about 40 minutes long.

Other options for indoor play include:

Simon Says

Red Light Green Light

Indoor Obstacle Course

How do you help your stir crazy kids when its cold or rainy outside?

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Workout Wednesday- Low Impact Workouts

workout low impactI recently hurt my knee. I think it is due to excessive running… which is disappointing. I was really excited to be up to four miles at a time. Slow and steady, but still… four miles! I have come to grips with the fact that due to a lifelong issue with my foot, I just don’t have the proper mechanics to be a runner.

With that said, I had to take some time to take it easy on my knee. I didn’t want to stop exercising… so I looked into some low impact exercises.

Walking is always a great form of exercise. If you have a gym membership, the eliptical machine is great as well.

Here are a few videos that I came across that still burn the calories with out putting your body through a pounding!

HIIT Low Impact Cardio and Toning… 30 minutes

HIIT Low Impact Bootcamp... about 30 minutes

Jillian Michaels Cardio Yoga Meltdown… about 35 minutes

What are your go to exercises? Have you ever had to deal with a knee injury? How have you dealt with it?

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Work Out Wednesday- Family Obstacle Course


My kids are SUPER active. I know most kids are… but mine are like REALLY, REALLY wiggly! I had a sweet friend ask, ever so cautiously, “do you think (your son) might have a touch of ADHD?” I just laughed and thought, “a touch?!?!… the kid’s drowning in it!”

We are generally active people. I mean, we have our share of screen time, quiet time, reading time, etc. But, I hear myself, more often than not saying things like “Try not to fall out of the chair” and “If you’re going to do laps, please do them outside and not around the kitchen table” and “Can you please stop climbing up the door, you might fall on your sister.”

Big Brother (and consequently, the Sisters) newest obsession is the show, American Ninja Warrior… it is an extreme obstacle course. Big Brother started watching this summer and has decided that he will be on this show when he is older. He has started his training. I find him spider crawling up the door, repelling off the porch, shimmying up flag poles and all kinds of other crazy things:

Hand Stand

Recently, we were visiting family. Big Brother was bored and antsy so I suggested that I make up an obstacle course for him to do… you know… for his ninja training. It included running up and down stairs, push ups, crab walks, bear crawls, etc. He was so excited. The girls and the cousins got in on the fun. It was all fun and games for me until Super Dad suggested that I do the course as well. I had made it up to wear out Big Brother… I was huffing and puffing through it!

The next week, we were home and playing outside… the kids wanted another obstacle course. Super Dad made it up this time. It included flying on the swing like superman, climbing over the picnic table, running around the house, throwing a giant log. The kids LOVED it!!!

Obstacl Course

My point is… get kids involved in exercise… make it fun. Whether you have super active kids that need to get their wiggles out or kids who are reluctant to play, exercise is a good thing! Look for creative ways to get them up and moving. We also love to play follow the leader around the front yard… talk about a workout!

What do you do to get your kids up and moving?

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Workout Wednesday- Favorite Videos


A few weeks ago, I shared how this Busy Mama makes time for exercise.

Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite videos for days when going outside is not really an option!

I really like circuit and body weight training. These videos utilize both. So.. you need no equipment (other than internet connection)… these are all on youtube for free.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Level 1… this one is about 30 minutes

Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six Pack Ab Workout: Level 1… about 35 minutes

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown… about 35 minutes

Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Workout… about 55 minutes

Tae Bo Bootcamp Inferno… about 50 minutes

Tae Bo Cardio Circuit… about 50 minutes

Tae Bo Cardio… about 45 minutes

Sometimes I do these videos while the kids and up and playing and every now and then, someone wanders in and exercises with me.

When do you find time to exercise? What are some of your go to videos?

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